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Bike goggles Cratoni C-DIRTTRACK Lime glossy

  • Bike goggles Cratoni C-DIRTTRACK Lime glossy

    Code: 121708F5
    A high-quality bicycle helmet is half the battle but limited visibility or dirt in the eye and things already don’t look quite as good when it comes to safety any more. You can quickly lose control and deviate from the ideal line. Then it can get really dangerous. Which is why cycling glasses (also called goggles in the MTB world) are also indispensable, in addition to the bicycle helmet. It goes without saying that we also have the right equipment in the range perfectly matched to the Fullface helmets. Combined, this results in the perfect equipment for off-road use.

    The C-DIRTTRACK goggles already tell you what they are used for in their name. Sludge and dirt, water and other dirt particles – all of this is no problem. It’s all part of a day’s work for the C-DIRTTRACK! It intercepts everything safely and provides the best possible visibility for the best possible view, despite the most adverse circumstances. The goggle strap with silicone coating is extremely reliable and robust. The clear lens with tear-off pins ensures absolute visibility, so that dirt can be easily removed using the take-off lens. The dual-layer foam ensures that the C-DIRTTRACK is comfortable to wear. All in all, the C-DIRTTRACK offers maximum comfort and a maximum field of vision. So you can concentrate on the really important things during the downhill and the C-DIRTTRACK does the rest.

    •  Anti Fog ANTI-FOG - Our anti-fog technology reliably prevents your lenses from fogging up and provides a clear view.
    •  Anti Scratch ANTI-SCRATCH - The durability of your goggles is especially supported by our anti-scratch technology, which protects the lenses from scratches.