Xenofit Refresh fruit mix

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Xenofit Refresh fruit mix
  • Xenofit Refresh fruit mix
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Xenofit Refresh Mineraldrink with Carbohydrates - 600g Sachet

Beverage Powder for a refreshing mineral drink. 

Xenofit refresh is designed for team sports. There is a professional thirst quencher needed that provides a necessary intake of fluids, nutrients and carbohydrates. Even with larger drinking quantities it should not burden the organism caused by the composition and flavour. Refresh brings it: Important minerals combined with vitamin C and with a refreshing fruit flavour. Lots of content with little packaging! 

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 10 liters of water. 1 serving is 500 ml. Also for immediate use intended. 

This product should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place. 
Flavor - Fruit mix 
List of Ingredients: Sugar, citric acid agent, fruit extract on maltodextrin, sodium citrate (2.5%), potassium citrate (1.3%), calcium carbonate (1%), magnesium (0.8%), vitamin C, flavoring (lemon, lime)
Nutritional Information: per 500 ml 

calorific value: 470 kJ (110 kcal) 
fat: 0 g 
- of which saturates: 0 g 
carbohydrates: 25.8 g 
- of which sugars: 25.8 g 
protein: 0 g 
roughage: 0 g 
salt: 0.2 g 

calcium: 120 mg 
magnesium: 60 mg 
vitamin C: 60 mg

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