Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx

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Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx
  • Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx
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Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx

The direct granulate for consumption without liquid is the quick acting and practical alternative to mineral drinks. A Xenofit direct Stixx contains an organic magnesium salt that encourages optimum absorption by the body and enables modern diet supplementation without additional sugar and without lactose.

Recommendation: 1 Stixx as needed – ideal on the go (150 mg magnesium per Stixx).

Flavour: Citrus


Nutritional Values

150 ml Beverage


Calorific value

14 kJ

(3.2 kcal)



150 mg


*% of the recommended daily allowance (EU Directive 2008/100/EC)

Price per 1 sachet (1,65g). 30 sachets in box.


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