Xenofit Carbohydrate Gel drink orange

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Xenofit Carbohydrate Gel drink orange
  • Xenofit Carbohydrate Gel drink orange
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 Xenofit Carbohydrate Gel Drink Orange 60ml

The thin liquid carbohydrate gel for active athletes during training and competition - without additional water.
The rapid carbohydrate gel drink in three flavors. Ideal during sport. Xenofit Carbohydrate Gel drink is more fluid than Xenofit Carbohydrate gel and enables the rapid consumption without additional water. The mixture of maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose delivers at least 26 grams of short-and long-chain carbohydrates per serving. Vitamin C is essential for energy metabolism and helps to reduce fatigue. The practical packaging is easy to open even during the competition. The caffeine-based variant type Cola with caffeine containing 50 mg of caffeine per serving from natural guarana extract. Because of its binding to other ingredients caffeine from guarana is released slowly and can be as effective for longer. Zinc contributes to normal acid-base status and carbohydrate metabolism.
Nutritional information: per 100 g Portion (2/4 bag)
Condensing / Energy kJ kcal kJ kcal
  721 171 432/1729 103/411
Fat [g] 0 3,9
of which saturates [g] 0 0
Carbohydrates [g] 44 26/105
of which sugars [g] 16 10/39
Roughage [g] 0 0
Protein [g] 0 0
Salt [g] 0 0
Vitamins / Minerals per 100 g %* per Portion (2/4 bag) %*
Vitamin C [mg] 167 209 100/400 125/500
Zinc [mg] 3,3 33 2/8 20/80
*:% Of the reference amount according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.
Water, Maltodextrin 26%, 11% dextrose, fructose 0,7%, Vitamin C, zinc gluconate, mate tea extract (about 3% caffeine) 0.3% (Mate leaf extract, maltodextrin carrier), citric acid, preservative potassium sorbate , flavor (orange). Gluten-free and no lactose.
Storage Instructions:
  • Please keep out of reach of small children and store at room temperature.
Directions for use:
  • A bag every 20 - 45 minutes; max. 4 bags per day.
Other information:
  • Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily intake not exceed!

Packing units: Stick with 60 ml


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