WTB Dissent 2.3 (55/60) Team DH tire

Код продукта: W010-0328
WTB Dissent 2.3 (55/60) Team DH tire
  • WTB Dissent 2.3 (55/60) Team DH tire
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Цена:28.48** without VAT

USAGE:Freeride / Downhill CONDITIONS:Dry to Moist / Hardpack to Loose The new-for-2009 Dissent 2.3 shares a few design attributes with the Dissent 2.5, but this tire is a different animal. Its unconventional, opposing-direction side knobs pierce in and hold on to soft soil, while the deep tread provides confidence on steep, rugged terrain. Comparatively, the Dissent 2.5 excels on hardpacked, braking bump-riddled downhill tracks.

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