Treniruoklis Tacx Antares

Код продукта: T1000
Treniruoklis Tacx Antares
  • Treniruoklis Tacx Antares
  • Treniruoklis Tacx Antares
  • Treniruoklis Tacx Antares
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The Antares is the new roll trainer of Tacx. It can be folded and is equipped with conical rolls. Becuase of the roll form it is nearly impossible to drive off the rolls. On this trainer you can ride without support in order to improve you coordination and technique. Driving without the help of a handlebar requires highest concentration to maintain the direction. And this is indispensable when drinving on a road. The Antares roll trainers df Tacx catch one´s eyes thanks to the heavy and conical rolls which garanty an optimal mass moment of inertia. The trainer has only 80 cm when it is folded and therefore it is not difficult to transport it.

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