Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner

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Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner

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  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
  • Trainer TACX BLUE MOTION Smart +Speed&Cadence sensor +Skyliner
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Tacx Blue Motion Smart

  • T2600 Blue Motion
  • T2015 Speed- & Cadance sensor
  • T2590 Skyliner Frontwheel Support

Of the three Blue cycle trainers, the Blue Motion has the most powerful brake: a Neodymium magnetic brake. Even at a low pedalling frequency you can achieve a high power output; the maximum resistance is 950 Watt.

  • FOLDABLE - A foldable frame for easy storage.
  • WHEEL-ON - Wheel-on design for easy setup and storage.
  • BASIC - Manually adjustable resistance levels (10).
  • FLYWHEEL-  A 1,63 kg flywheel ensures the best ride feel
Blue Motion Neodymium Magnet


The magnetic brake of the Blue Motion features one neodymium magnet, providing the trainer with high power levels.

Realistic pedal stroke

The Blue Motion is equipped with an actual flywheel to simulate a realistic road feel. 

Tacx Blue Motion flywheel




Train with Zwift or TrainerRoad on the basis of virtual power using the Tacx speed and cadence sensor! This transmits your speed and cadence wirelessly via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your tablet or smartphone, so you can also use these training applications with a basic trainer.


Designed with a large footprint and strong materials, this bike trainer is able to withstand the most intense training sessions.

Stable Frame Blue Motion

Manually adjusted booster


The Blue Motion is controlled by a lever on your steer, allowing you to set the resistance as required. The higher the position, the more resistance. 950W power 10 positions.


Tacx wheel-on trainers are easy to setup. With two easy clicks your bike is securely locked in the trainer frame, making sure that your bike is safely fixed and doesn’t go anywhere.

Securely locked in blue Motion

DUAL Material Roll blue motion


The roll is made from two materials: a hardened steel sleeve with a soft core of elastogel. The steel sleeve prevents wear of the trainer, while the elastogel absorbs vibrations to reduce noise.

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Сопротивлительное сооружение:Magnetic
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