Tire WTB Vulpine 26x2.10 (50/52) Comp

Код продукта: W110-0354
Tire WTB Vulpine 26x2.10 (50/52) Comp
  • Tire WTB Vulpine 26x2.10 (50/52) Comp
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Цена:11.73** without VAT

Usage: XC Racing & Cross Country

Conditions: Dry, hardpack

Description: A cornerstone in WTB’s line of XC race tires, this agile semi-slick easily outruns the competition with its efficient, low-profile centerline. The Vulpine offers more than simple straight-line speed - its well-spaced outside knobs pierce loose soil, boosting control in corners. This lightning - fast tire is quickly becoming the premier choice for pump track bikes worldwide.

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