TACX Bikestand

Код продукта: T3125
TACX Bikestand

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  • TACX Bikestand
  • TACX Bikestand
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The Tacx bicycle tools are used on a daily basis by mechanics in the leading racing teams. They choose TACX on account of its high quality and reliability. However, cycle maintenance is not just the preserve of these specialists. Anyone can work at home with TACX tools in order to keep the road or mountain bike in top condition. There are tools for assembly, for dismantling, for cleaning and tools for use on the road. Tavs tools excel in design and quality. Alomost all spanners are hardened, shot - blasted and matt chrome plated. Also very popular are the repair stands; for many people an essential help when adjusting or repairing the bicycle. 

Bicycle Stand The Gem: 


The Gem Bikestand is a very handly help to park your bike. You can simply put the rear part in the composite hooks and your bicycle is safely park. Because the wheels is slightly suspened, you are also able to perform minor adjustments. 


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