Stronghold Anchor

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Stronghold Anchor
  • Stronghold Anchor
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  • Product dimensions: 7.5” (19cm) anchor diameter; 1.65” (4.2cm) anchor height
  • Product weight: 6.10 lbs (2.77 kgs)
  • Permanent locking point for use indoors or outdoors to keep vehicles and bicycles safe
  • Attach to solid concrete ground/walls, or to truck/trailer beds 
  • 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle
  • 5/8” cement anchor bolts installed directly into the cement 
  • Includes  2 masonry bits (1- initial pilot hole, 1-final moly-bolt diameter) 
  • Steel shackle lays flat within domed body when not in use, making it safe to walk or drive over
  • Recommended for both residential and commercial applications
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Тип замка:U-type
Integrated chain

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