Saddle WTB SL8 PRO 203g

Код продукта: W065-0440
Saddle WTB SL8 PRO 203g

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  • Saddle WTB SL8 PRO 203g
  • Saddle WTB SL8 PRO 203g
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RAIL: Cromoly
COLOR: Black (White accents)
WEIGHT: 203g
Microfiber Cover, Flex-Tuned shell, DNA padding

USAGE: Road / Cyclo Cross / Cross Country / Cross Country Racing

SIZING: Narrow and Short (128mm x 255mm)

Elegant, slight curves accentuate this inviting shape that redefines what comfort is capable of at such a low weight. A longer, tapered nose encourages multiple riding positions while a rounded, yet supportive rear ensures all day satisfaction. From where the pavement ends, to B-road pursuits and cyclocross run ups, our SL8 saddle provides irrefutable comfort in a minimalistic, svelte package.

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