Saddle Velo bio:logic

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Saddle Velo bio:logic

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  • Saddle Velo bio:logic
  • Saddle Velo bio:logic
  • Saddle Velo bio:logic
  • Saddle Velo bio:logic
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Velo's bio:logic series are the first saddles which come up with a brand new feature. It is a crossover of two time-tested technologies: through a mixture of WIDE CHANEL and O-ZONE FULL CUT a very wide and long groove is created in the genitalia area, which can make a considerable contribution to pressure relief. Shape forming as the logical consequence of human biology! ARC-TECH Suspension, D2 construction, O-Zone Full Cut + WIDE CHANNEL, with AIR-WAY-Guard, seamless cover material, protection on front and rear, for gents (and ladies), only 358g. L=270 x W=175mm

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