Muc-off Uber wax 70 gr

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Muc-off Uber wax 70 gr
  • Muc-off Uber wax 70 gr
  • Muc-off Uber wax 70 gr
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You spend a lot of money on your bike so it’s no wonder that you want to keep it looking good and running at its best. That’s why our radical Muc-Off R&D team developed Uber Wax, the world’s first Carnauba hard wax for bicycles! This ultimate wax offers unrivalled protection and ensures the maximum aero advantage. A smooth, well-waxed bike won’t just look great; it will minimise wind resistance, which means you can shave precious time off your race! 
With over twelve years of experience developing leading edge car care products and caring for car marques such as Bugatti and Lamborghini, our R&D wizards have rolled out the world’s finest protective bicycle wax to offer the same level of protection for your stead. Formulated from a very high concentration of pure North Brazilian Carnauba, natural luxury oils and the finest blend of ingredients, Muc-Off Uber Wax changes the rules when it comes to deep gloss protection, so be prepared for a show winning, aero efficient shine. Uber Wax is Muc-Off’s most technically advanced wax to date. It creates a hydrophobic finish that is exceptionally resistant to road salts, harmful UV rays, acid rain and industrial fallout.
Your bike is an investment worth protecting and Muc-Off Uber Wax does just that. Its high concentration of Carnauba wax gets between your bike and the elements, so you don’t have to worry! To top it all off, Uber Wax doesn’t contain any abrasives so it’s suitable on all paint types, metals, colours and carbon fibre. Despite having such a high percentage of carnauba, Muc-Off Uber Wax is almost effortless to apply and buffs off smoothly to reveal a sensational, deep gloss shine and a protective showroom finish.
Formulated with Brazilian Carnuaba for durability & protection
Creates hydrophobic finish for unbelievable water beading
Resistant industrial fallout, acid rain, road salts and grit
Safe on all colours, paint types, metal and carbon fibre
Free from abrasives
Easy application
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