Chain Lubricant MUC-OFF C3 DRY LUBE 50ml

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Chain Lubricant MUC-OFF C3 DRY LUBE  50ml
  • Chain Lubricant MUC-OFF C3 DRY LUBE  50ml
  • Chain Lubricant MUC-OFF C3 DRY LUBE  50ml
  • Chain Lubricant MUC-OFF C3 DRY LUBE  50ml
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The Ultimate Dry Chain Lubricant
A proprietary formulation containing integral Boron Nitride Compounds, Fluoropolymers & Nano Ceramics for the ultimate low friction drive chain. Welcome to the future.
Creates a dry ceramic coating for increased durability and performance in dry conditions
Contains Boron Nitride and Flouropolymers
Nano Ceramic additives provide unparalleled lubrication for ultra-low friction and greater performance
Dust repellant qualities ensure excellent performance in dusty, dry conditions
Biodegradable and Petroleum free
Ideal for road, cyclocross, triathlon, MTB and track racing
Available in 50ml, 120ml and 1 ltr sizes
With Boron Nitride, Flouropolymers and Nano Ceramic additives, C3 Dry Ceramic Lube raises the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate lubrication, protection and performance in dry, dusty conditions!It’s perfect for pros and amateurs alike!
Our Muc-Off R&D team didn’t cut corners when they brought the future of bike lubes to the masses. In fact, our team made sure the C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is safe for you and the planet by creating a biodegradable, petroleum free formula!
The new C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is available in 50ml, 120ml and 1ltr sizes so whether you’re in the workshop, on the road or hitting the trails, we’ve got you covered.

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