XenofitУглеводы Гель мята кофеин

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XenofitУглеводы Гель мята кофеин
  • XenofitУглеводы Гель мята кофеин
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Xenofit carbohydrate gel with caffeine

The four carbohydrate gels formulations are the ideal supplement for the Xenofit carbohydrate sport bar range and the Xenofit competition isotonic drinks. All gels contain highly concentrated carbohydrate mixtures. The one-time dosage of 25 g per gel stick is tested well in training and in competition. It is easy to open the convenient gel stick envelope with one hand. Even at cold weather the gel keeps a convenient texture. For that extra “kick” a special caffeine-content variation with refreshing peppermint flavour has been created. One gel stick (25 g) contains 50 mg caffeine from an extract of the seed of the South American guarana liana. South American Indians use guarana as a natural stimulant for many centuries. Since caffeine in guarana is bound to other seed ingredients it is released slowly and therefore it can boost performance over a longer period.


Flavours:  Peppermint with Caffeine

Nutritional Values**

25 g
(1 Stick)

RDA [%]*

Calorific value

286 kJ
(67 kcal)



0 g



16.8 g



0 g


Vitamin B2

0.36 mg


Vitamin B6

0.59 mg



50 mg


* RDA [%}, recommended daily allowance (EU Directive 2008/100/EC)

** Composition of the Xenofit carbohydrate gel, caffeine with peppermint flavour

Price per 1 stick (25g)


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