Bottle Shanti 500 ml smoke/black

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Bottle Shanti 500 ml smoke/black
  • Bottle Shanti 500 ml smoke/black
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The Shanti bottle has a membrane lid that can be twisted open and close with one quick and easy move. When the bottle is ‘locked’, you cannot drink from it and its content cannot leak out, which is ideal when the bottle is stored in your bag. When the bottle is ‘open’, it is constantly ready for use; to drink from the bottle, a simple squeeze suffices. Only when you squeeze the bottle, the liquid will come out in exactly the right quantity. This means no more fumbling with pull spouts as there is with other bottles. In addition, the membrane system ensures the bottle’s content doesn’t leak out.






  • Innovative, easy to clean membrane lid
  • No fumbling with pull spouts
  • Sanitary ‘lock’ system
  • Handy dosage for the desired amount of liquid
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