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Baby-seat rear Hamax HX PLUS light grey/light blue

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Have design and functionality that gives you and your child the best experience.
The child seat is a part of The Hamax PLUS System and you need The Hamax PLUS carrier for an easy and comfortable way of fixing and remove the child seat.

  • Seat with built in suspension, protect the child’s spine
  • Red indicators tell you if mounting is correct
  • Slide the bicycle child seat onto the rails until you hear a click (safety-snap)
  • Extra easy to connect and remove from the bike
  • When mounting it is double safety functions built into the PLUS system

• Continuously adjustable. Extra good sleeping position (20˚ degrees)
• Ergonomic sitting position
• Double buckle system  makes it safe and easy to fastening the child
• Extra space for the child’s helmet
• Ventilation in the backrest
• Safe and easy fitting to the Hamax Safety System
• Can be mounted on bikes with or without a luggage carrier
• For children older than 9 months and up to 22 kg
• Adjustable safety harness and foot supports
• Belt buckle cannot be opened by the child
• the child seat is easy and quick to connect to the bicycle
• the free hanging carrier, fixed to the seat, offers excellent suspension to protect the child’s spine
• UV stabilized material
• Can be attached to cycles with or without a luggage carrier
• Fits tubes from 28-40mm
• Fits most oval tubes
• Cables in the fastening area is no problem

Children must always wear a helmet when riding in a child seat.


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