Dv.šalmas Cratoni C-Limit anthracite/white/orange

Prekės kodas: 11014102/1609M/L
Dv.šalmas Cratoni C-Limit anthracite/white/orange

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  • Dv.šalmas Cratoni C-Limit anthracite/white/orange
Statusas:Yra prekyboje
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Kaina:98.35*131.40 € * be PVM

High Tech helmet with excellent ventilation!
The C-Limit convinces particularly with it's very low weight of 230 grams, it's high functionality and a bunch of top features.
The integrated Carbo Wing Technology in combination with the Cratoni Impact Carcass system make the C-Limit a very safe companion when riding long tours or even marathon races. Optimal ventilation is achieved by 22 oversized air vents based on Cratoni's Air Channel Technology.
The Carbo Wing technology reinforces the extremely open structure of the helmet and provide a visual impression of state-of-the-art technology. Because of the implicit safe construction including carbon and the Impact Carcass System fiberglass reinforcements, the C-Limit guarantees the necessary stability and protection in case of accidents. The breathable inner COOLMAX pads which run along the helmet in the direction of flow, support an optimal cosy climate and a nice cooling effect. An optimum fit and the light Anatomic Fit System convince bikers with first class comfort. The one-hand adjustable Anatomic Fit System provides a flexible size adjustment. For an extra long durability the Terrox is equipped with an inmolded lining. This micro shell helmet has an Inmold construction. Inner- and Outer-shell are inseparably jointed for a gap less connection between both shells.

Šalmo dydis:M/L 56-59cm

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