Xenofit Zink Plus tabs

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Xenofit Zink Plus tabs
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Xenofit Zinc Plus Tabs - Food supplement with zinc and vitamin C. With sugar and sweeteners.

Xenofit ® zinc plus - a chewing tablet contains 5 mg of zinc and 90 mg of vitamin C. In times with one-sided food or with a raised need zinc and vitamin C is to be respected to a sufficient care with the valuable trace element. Already 2 chewing tablets cover the recommended day need in zinc and vitamin C. Important for the immune system and healthy skin!

Zinc is an essential trace element. Because it can not be produced by the body, it is dependent on the daily intake of zinc in the diet. Both people and animals and even plants need this micronutrient. There is no life without zinc.

1-2 chewable tablets per day.

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess. Please keep out of reach of children and store at room temperature.

Food Information for "Xenofit Zinc Plus Tabs - 50 pcs."

List of Ingredients: Glucose (44.6%), isomalt sweetener, vitamin C (4.7%), beetroot powder maltodextrin (food coloring), citric acid, releasing agents (fatty acids, magnesium salts of fatty acids), zinc citrate (0.84% ), flavor (blackcurrant, lemon)

Nutritional Values

per 1 Chew. Tablet


per 2 Chew. Tablet



5 mg


10 g


Vitamin C

90 mg


180 mg


% of the reference quantity according to regulation (EU) 


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