Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium + Vitamin C

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Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium + Vitamin C

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  • Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium + Vitamin C
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Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium + Vitamin C

Combination with the “fitness-mineral” potassium is especially effective following heavy losses of fluid, because heavy sweating, e.g. during sports and fitness training, leads to increased losses of these both minerals.. Potassium is important for the entire electrolyte balance, supports to maintain a normal blood pressure and contributes to normal muscle and nerve functions in combination with magnesium.

Recommendation: 1 – 2 sachets daily (180 mg magnesium, 430 mg potassium per sachet). This mineral drink is ideal for the regernation phase after bodily exertion. During fasting and when taking laxatives care should also always be taken that intake of potassium and magnesium is sufficient.

Flavour: Black currant


Nutritional Values

150 ml Beverage

Calorific value

70 kJ

(16.3 kcal)


0.1 g


1.9 g


0 g




180 mg

Vitamin C

80 mg

Price per 1 box. 20 sachets (6g) in box.


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