Xenofit Guarana plus

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Xenofit Guarana plus
  • Xenofit Guarana plus
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Xenofit Guarana plus

You know the situation well: body and spirit want to continue, but cannot manage. To help you overcome the situation with ease there’s…

chew tablets with guarana extract + organic magnesium citrate practical for on-the-go consumption

Xenofit Guarana plus contains per portion 60 mg caffeine from the fruit of the guarana liana, a South American rain forest plant, as well as 60 mg magnesium from magnesium citrate.

Natural caffeine

·         keeps you alert

·         improves focus, attention and concentration

·         helps increase the fat burning

·         together with carbohydrates improves stamina in performance

Consumption recommendation: 2 chew tablets (1 serving) as needed. Up to 4 tablets can be taken spread over the day.

Flavour: Chocolate / Orange

Nutritional Values**

per 2 Chew Tablets


per 1 Chew Tablet


Calorific value

49 kJ
(11.6 kcal)


25 kJ

(5.8 kcal)


Guarana extract powder

600 mg


300 mg


of which caffeine

60 mg


30 mg



60 mg


30 mg


*% of the recommended daily allowance (EU Directive 2008/100/EC)

Price per 1 bottle. 40 talets in bottle.


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