Bicycle computer MC 2.0 WL

Product code: VDO2100
Bicycle computer MC 2.0 WL
  • Bicycle computer MC 2.0 WL
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Specialus MC 2.0 puslapis internete

Wireless bicycle spidometer, altimeter and pulsometer

Cycling functions:Maximum cadence
Display backlight
Countdown timer
Total kilometres bike1 / bike 2 / totals
Total odometer
Trip counter
Current speed
Averange speed
Maximum speed
Trip ride timer
Comparison of current and average speed
Total ride time bike1 / bike2 / totals
Navigator (2nd programmable daily kilometre counter, counts forwards or backwards)
Cadence current
Average cadence
Heart rate functions:Maximum heart rate
Time, in % of total training time within the preset heart rate limits (Limit Zone)
Calorie-consumption on current trip
Heart rate functions available only with heart rate kit No: 7704
Display of selected training zone with display of selected upper and lower limit
Average heart rate
Current heart rate
Further features:Rate functions are referred to the purchase of the rate additive (CAD-Kit)
Automatic bike recognition for bike 1 and bike2
Can be set for 2 bikes
Wheel sizes can be set using tyre size or manually in mm or inch
Full text with 7 languages DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, NL,PL
Wireless, analogue
Contents of packaging:Universal holder and sender
Rubber shim
Battery door
Battery 3V 2032
Cable holders

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