Baby-seat rear Smiley Blue teddybear

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Baby-seat rear Smiley Blue teddybear
  • Baby-seat rear Smiley Blue teddybear
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Sleepy – Reclinable baby seat for extra comfort Hamax Sleepy is an ergonomically correct reclinable bicycle child seat. The child bike seat is a consumer test winner, and offers a comfortable bike ride for your baby. Hamax Sleepy is developed to offer maximum safety and comfort for your baby. The child seat is easily mounted to the frame of the bike. For safety reasons, an indicator system will tell you when the seat is correctly mounted. Hamax Sleepy has a tall back support, double wall side protection and excellent spoke protection. The harness cannot be released by the child. The Sleepy seat has a continually adjustable reclining function to provide extra comfort for the child. If the child falls asleep during the ride, simply turn the adjustment knob to keep the baby sleeping comfortably. The seat is ergonomically fitted to small kids, and the upper part of the back support offers space for the child’s helmet. Sleepy is fixed to the bike on a single point on the downtube between the bicycle seat and the pedals. The single point fixation makes the child seats easy and quick to fit to the bicycle. The child seat is fixed to a free hanging carrier, and hanging like this, the seat offers excellent suspension to protect the spine of the child. The Sleepy Child Carrier makes outdoor family recreation comfortable, fun and enjoyable!

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