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Mountain MTB 27,5 (650B)

34cm (13")
38cm (15")
43cm (17")
48cm (19")
54cm (21")
27,5" (650B)
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MTB Mountain bikes are designed to use on rough terrain cross country roads, forest paths, and mountain or rock areas. These bikes usually have strong frames, thick, rough tread tires, shock absorbing damping systems while driving on rough roads (as well as a greater distance between the earth and the central axis, which increases wheel traction). There are three different types of mountain bikes: rigid (called Full rigid), Hard-tail with suspension front fork, and full suspension. Mountain bikes come in different wheel sizes: 26 ", 27.5" and 29 ", but for all these bicycles the frame size is chosen according to rider height and leg length. Bicycle size calculator you can find here: www.velostreet.com/articles/bicycle-size-calculator.127/

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