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38cm (15")
43cm (17")
48cm (19")
54cm (21")
58cm (23")
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Hybrid bikes are a type of mountain bike and trekking bike mixes. They come with front suspension forks, no racks or other additional items that do not interfere with maneuvering forests or mountainous areas. The geometry of the bike is similar to the Trekking type of bike geometry, but they often come with a shorter rear chain stays. These bikes usually come with 28 "wheels and is equipped with a medium hardness width of tires, so that would be a good off-road traction and fast ride on hard or paved surfaces. All terrain type bike frame size is selected according to the rider's height and leg length. Bicycle size calculator you can find here: http://www.velostreet.com/articles/bicycle-size-calculator.127/

Hybrid bicycles suitable for all terain

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