VDO M1.1 WR Cycle Computer

Artikelnummer: VDO30010
VDO M1.1 WR Cycle Computer

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  • VDO M1.1 WR Cycle Computer
  • VDO M1.1 WR Cycle Computer
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Description of VDO M1.1 WR Cycle Computer
The VDO M1.1 focuses on the essential bike functions and displays two of them permanentely. This enables users to keep a constant eye on all the important functions and features. The best choice for those who like to keep things simple.

In addition to its huge display, the VDO M1.1’s main strength lies in its straightforward, minimalistic functions. Streamlined for purists, the VDO M1.1 comes with all basic bike functions for complete cycling pleasure. Its impressively large display makes the VDO M1.1 easy to read while cycling. It offers plenty of space to display two statistics using particularly large digits, which can be read quickly so that users can keep their eyes on the route ahead.

The VDO M1 WR offers speed measurement by wire.

Bike Function:

    current speed
    trip counter
    current distance
    total distance
    clock (12/24 h in am/pm format)

Other Features:

    M1 WL: A1 analog wireless transmission speed (wireless range 75cm)
    large display
    only two functions shown at the display
    7 languages selectable, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL/PL
    battery status
    data storage during battery replacement
    1 wheel size, settable
    auto start/stop

Dimensions and performance:

    device dimensions, BxHxT: 4,9x3,8x1,6cm
    display size, BxH: 2,9x3,9cm
    weight: 28g
    battery type computer: 3V, CR2032
    computer battery life: approx. 1 year (ca. 10.000km/6.000mi)

Radfahren Funktionen:Total odometer
Trip counter
Current speed
Herzfrequenzfunktionen:- - -
Weitere Merkmale:Full text with 7 languages DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, NL,PL
Auto start/stop
Universal mount with wire and sensor
Battery 3V 2032
Cable holders

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